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Carpentry & Joinery

We are willing to undertake all internal refurbishments, for example supplying skirting-boards and facings in a plethora wood, including sold oak, ash, pine and hard wood.

Internal Doors

Any property can easily be transformed with our wide range of over 40 internal doors styles, in a variety of finishes. All of our oak, hardwood and pine doors are craftsmen built to the highest standards. They have, each, been rigorously constructed using specially selected timbers, chosen for their natural beauty and outstanding durability. All our doors can be provided glazed and refinished, if required.

Fitted Wardrobes

Our sliding door range has been produced to offer stylish storage solutions for the modern lifestyle. With 12 sliding wardrobe door types and aura shelving systems being available, to match.


We are happy to supply and fit solid oak floor boards, engineered oak flooring, laminate flooring, v-groove laminate flooring, v-groove laminate tile flooring and lino.

Stair Refurbishments

We have the ability to transform any stair and can carry out stair refurbishments in oak, hardwood and pine, with 12 newel styles including the new modern fusion range.

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Windows & Doors

We are happy to supply and/or fit a wide range of quality made to measure UPVC and timber windows and doors. We also have the ability to repair, or replace, any external door or window.

UPVC Windows & Doors

Our UPVC can be supplied in oak, mahogany, rosewood and white, with over 30 different door styles.

Composite Doors

Our composite doors are popular with customers not only for their look and reliability, as well as their security and durability – highly resistant to denting, warping and splitting. For peace of mind, our doors are backed by a comprehensive 10 year guarantee.


We supply and fit all glass types and are happy to replace glazing units, only if required.

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PVC Roofline Systems

Our roofline system is guaranteed to never need even one hour’s maintenance. Your soffits, fascias, guttering and bargeboards will look great and never rot, flake, or need repainting.

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Woodworm, Dry Rot & Wet Rot Treatment

Buchan joinery are expert at treating or repairing wooden structures effected by decay, rot or infection. Providing a range of treatment services and a free consultation to give you piece of mind.


Buchan Joinery are specialists at woodworm treatment. Woodworm holes can be found in timber and are caused by the larvae of beetles that feed on the timber. Larger holes on the surface of the timber are formed when the adult beetle emerges from the timber to mate.

There are a number of species of woodworm, and the precise method of treatment will depend on which species is attacking the timber.

Dry rot

Dry rot (Serpula Lacrymans) is the decay of timber in buildings and other wooden structures caused by fugi without the presence of water. Dry rot is a wood destroying fungus and is common in unprotected buildings. It is important to tell the diffrence between Dry rot and Wet rot. Henderson Joinery are expert at identifying the different funguses and recommend the best method of treatment or repair. Dry rot can shrink wood and is recognised by the darkening of the timber and crackes form in a 'cuboidal' manner. Dry rot can effect your whole home and may need a number of different treatment.

Wet rot

Wet rot is a name for the damage caused by fungi, the most common of which are Conio-phora cerebella and Fibroporia vail-lanti. Wet rot is the most common form of rot in property and is commonly found around window sill and door frames. Window sill can crack, allowing water to penetrate and wet rot spores to enter the timber and your property. Timber swels and crakes with water penetration and is a common sign of wet rot. wet rot funguses requires more moister than Dry wrote funguses to spread and cause damage. Exterior joinery, where the paint or varnish has cracked and water has been allowed to make prolonged contact with the timber is a typical starting point for wet rot. Once water is behind any paint work it doesn't dry out or evaporate, so the wood swells, joints open and wet rot spores enter the cracks.

Buchan Joinery detects the first signs of wet rot by inspect any cracked paint on window sills or door frames. Commonly a soft, dark mass of rotted wood dust can be concealed beneath any paint work or veneer. The fungal strands of wet rot fungus are thinner than those of dry rot and are dark brown in colour. When growing over wood, these strands often develop a fern-like shape.

Rising damp

Rising damp is the description of movement of moisture upward through permeable materials by capillary action. Rising dampcan effects vulnerable and untreated material like wood. Rising damp effects building materials by dissolves soluble salts such as calcium sulphate, and may also transfer soluble salts from the source of the damp. If the damp evaporates these salts will be left behind and form deposits on or within the material. Salt crystals are deposited as a harmless flour-like dusting on the surface. If this continues over a period of time, thick crystalline deposits will form and is known as 'efflorescence'. Within the material, salts are deposited within the pores. The material can expand or swells and causes fractures or cracking and can effect timber framing or the opening or closing of a door.

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To make your kitchen improvements a straight-forward process we provide a full design, planning and installation service.

Design & Planning Services

We have a dedicated, friendly design team that will do all the work for you, including a 3D computer generated drawing of your kitchen layout to ensure that everything is just right from the word go.

Our specialists will use their knowledge of ergonomic design to come up with the ideal solution to suit your space, be it L-shaped, U-shaped, gallery or a linear arrangement. They will even pop in appliances and furniture for a truly complete picture of how your dream kitchen will look.

Kitchen Collection

We offers over 40 different kitchen styles complemented by a great selection of top name appliances and a comprehensive selection of sinks, taps, accessories, splashbacks and worktops. These include solid wooden, textured and high definition square edged work surfaces designed to replicate granite and solid surface finishes.

View our latest kitchen ranges:

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Like our kitchens, Buchan Joinery Ltd provide a fantastic range of bathrooms. Bathroom cabinets come in a range of styles and finishes. From contemporary to tradition bathroom suites are fitting with care and to your taste.

Download our Bathroom ranges:

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We are happy to supply and fit to domestic and business clients throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.